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Most Awkward Moment @ Phoenix Mayoral Debate

Daniel Valenzuela will stay a firefighter

One of the most interesting revelations came during the last question of the night.  Resnik asked each candidate if they planned to make the mayoral role their "full-time job" if elected. Three of the candidates quickly answered, "yes." Valenzuela did not.  When pressed, Valenzuela confirmed that he planned to stay a Glendale firefighter, where he will work 40 hours a week, while assuming the mayoral responsibilities. He insisted that his firefighter role would not impact his abilities as mayor, and pointed to his record as a councilman as an example.   "As a council member, serving as a firefighter, no one has cast more votes, led on more issues than I have at City Hall and I continue to serve my community in this capacity," Valenzuela said. Firefighters earn hefty pensions. Resnik questioned whether that was Valenzuela's motivation for keeping his position. Full Article Here
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